96 Pages
ISBN: 9789756614921
Size: 12 x 20 cm

First Publishing Date
December 2010

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Ayşe Pay

Küre Publishing House / Hayal Perdesi Books

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One of the leading figures of New Turkish Cinema, Semih Kaplanoglu has told the story of yearning for home and family since his first film. In the Yusuf Trilogy he breaks away from the gloomy outlook of his first two films and creates more poetic and minimalist a cinema. He did not only earn an important place in Turkish cinema but also gave hints on how a unique aesthetic language particular to this land can be created.

The essays in this book offer diverse readings on Kaplanoglu themes. Evaluating his cinema from various perspectives in terms of philosophy, psychoanalysis, sociology and aesthetics, they serve as an introduction while offering various point-of-views.


Encounters Yusuf's Dream Auteur Cinema Semih Kaplanoglu Yumurta: A Soul Searching Journey