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Semih Kaplanoğlu

Belce Öztuna

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Contemporary Turkish Literature Series - 219


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The Encounters is a collection of articles by Semih Kaplanoglu published between 1996-2000 in his newspaper column bearing the same name. However, the articles in The Encounters go beyond a column’s framework or capacity and crush into the gates of literature. They are too unique to be labeled or categorized under any genre and lend a fresh breath to the literature in Turkish.

The Encounters is a story, almost a dream flowing through Istanbul streets to the alleys; from the vessels to the lighthouses in the Bosphorus; from the fascinating sceneries of European cities to the little things only who has an eye for detail can notice; from staircases of houses to the courtyards toward the time, the cinema and the books.

Semih Kaplanoğlu better known for his success in cinema offers pure literature, different voice and a new encounter in The Encounters.


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